Hiring Trends for 2011-2012

While 2009 and 2010 were troubled years that saw shocking job losses and the highest rate of unemployment since the early 1980s, 2011 has seen a slow but steady economic recovery, if on somewhat choppy seas. Industry experts hope to see a better global economy in 2012 and better hiring trends especially in the IT industry. It is expected that the 2011-2012 time period will allow job seekers to experience improvements, especially IT professionals who must keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

According to NASSCOM, IT spend in 2011 would have grown by nearly 4 per cent, aided by the accelerated recovery in emerging markets. In 2011, growth has reflected new demand for IT goods and services, not pent-up demand from prior years, and there has been a major surge in the use of private and public cloud and mobile computing on a variety of devices and through a range of new apps. Notwithstanding the recent, albeit minor slowdown in offshoring, NASSCOM is confident of 16-18% growth in the IT industry in 2012 via software and services export, with BPO jobs specifically generating huge amounts of employment opportunities.

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Making the Right Impression in Your Interview

Do you find that the jobs that you want are constantly eluding you? Do you feel that you have all what it takes but somehow nothing happens after that first interview? The truth is that you might be entirely capable of the job, but if you are not well-prepared for a killer interview, you might as well not have the qualifications at all! There are plenty of people who get passed over for the jobs that they deserve simply because they do not interview well.

The first thing that you need to consider when you are looking at giving an amazing interview is research. Besides knowing your stuff, it is important to know about the company in detail.Take time to understand their domain, their challenges, strengths, growth patterns over the past couple of years and so on. It means a lot to the interviewer if they don’t have to spend time taking you through an overview of their business.

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