Hiring Trends for 2011-2012

While 2009 and 2010 were troubled years that saw shocking job losses and the highest rate of unemployment since the early 1980s, 2011 has seen a slow but steady economic recovery, if on somewhat choppy seas. Industry experts hope to see a better global economy in 2012 and better hiring trends especially in the IT industry. It is expected that the 2011-2012 time period will allow job seekers to experience improvements, especially IT professionals who must keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

According to NASSCOM, IT spend in 2011 would have grown by nearly 4 per cent, aided by the accelerated recovery in emerging markets. In 2011, growth has reflected new demand for IT goods and services, not pent-up demand from prior years, and there has been a major surge in the use of private and public cloud and mobile computing on a variety of devices and through a range of new apps. Notwithstanding the recent, albeit minor slowdown in offshoring, NASSCOM is confident of 16-18% growth in the IT industry in 2012 via software and services export, with BPO jobs specifically generating huge amounts of employment opportunities.

With the advent of cloud computing and mobile technology, security jobs will be in high demand, especially for mid-level and senior roles. Data security and protection, especially in industries such as banking and healthcare, will continue to be an in-demand area within technology. Other jobs that will be hot property and can expect a higher-than-average anticipated salary increase include mobile application developers, data warehouse and business intelligence analysts, user experience designers, search engine optimization specialists and Web developers. The common features across all high-demand jobs will be a large degree of specialization in the particular field.

As a result, high specialization will also drive salary increase, driving IT professionals to obtain multiple, or at least one, IT certification in a particular field. At the same time, experience and hands-on domain expertise will also be important, and combined with a specific flashy certification; it will greatly improve job prospects.Although, there are many certifications in the market, however, only few carries influence in the industry. Here is the list of top IT certifications as we move ahead into 2012.

  • Project Management Professional Certification
  • Microsoft's Certified Systems Engineers Certification
  • CompTIA A+ Certification
  • CCNA Certification (Cisco Certified Network Associates)
  • MCITP Certification (Microsoft Certified Professionals)
  • CompTIA Network + Certification
  • CISSP Certification
  • CISA Certification
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Certification
  • ITIL Certification
  • CompTIA Security + Certification
  • VMware Certification

According to recent studies on recruitment and hiring trends for 2012, recruiters and hiring companies have shifted their efforts from traditional job boards to utilizing social networking sites. This will help them better manage the needs of recruiting companies and evaluate qualified candidates on multiple parameters even before meeting the candidates. It is recommended that everyone – from college students to fresh graduates to senior executives – have a presence on social networking sites and market oneself as a brand. It is essential to have a professional, up to date profile that you continually edit and fill with content because the more you have the more often you will come up in searches.

In 2012, executives and employees across the organization will be under increased pressure to maintain profitability. If the economy begins to improve as predicted, several companies will start hiring more aggressively. Even then, fresh graduates will find it difficult to land their dream jobs, and job seekers of many types will continue to be challenged to find appropriate positions. Small enterprises especially are expected to curtail their hiring in 2012 due to the recent economic slowdown. Nonetheless, there will still be job opportunities for those who are diligent in seeking good employers in stronger business sectors. In addition to the IT industry, experts see a promising job landscape in healthcare, financial services and manufacturing as well.


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