With 'Intensity to Win' being one of pillars of the Spirit of WIPRO, the organization aims to win & lead in the market place with a high potential Leadership Pipeline.

With this pursuit in perspective, WIPRO has instituted the Global 100 Program, where candidates will undergo an 18 months rigorous induction and development journey across various SBUs, Service Lines & Functions and geographies.

The idea behind the Global 100 came from a larger collective effort from Wipro's leadership team underpinned by a need to build the next generation leadership pipeline.

"The world of tomorrow is going to be very different and based on innovation, velocity and diversity. To remain successful, the one thing that can help us is to continue to expand our global footprint and have people who work in countries and across the world who share a common culture and have diversity of thought, diversity of experience and diversity of skills sets. In a way, that is what Global 100 is trying to achieve." - TK Kurien, CEO Wipro